Swiss Hi-Tech Mosquito Bite Protection Wristband
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Mosquito Bite Protection Wristband
Swiss Hi-tech instead of nasty Chemicals

Mosquito-bites itch and can transfer dangerous diseases, like Malaria, Yellow- and Dengue-fever. nopixgo® is a newly developed electronic Hi-tech Mosquito Bite Protection Wristband, invented and produced in Switzerland which keeps mosquitoes from biting.


  • Greater protection against mosquito bites than from other products
  • 100 % free of DEET chemicals
  • No ultrasonic
  • No hazardous radiation
  • Harmless to humans and animals*
  • Only 1 hour charging time via micro-USB for 48 hours protection
  • Skin-friendly plastic
  • Splash-proof
  • Resistant to vibrations and knocks
  • Tested worldwide
  • Works under many different climate conditions
  • Developed and manufactured in Switzerland
  • 2 years guarantee
* warmbloods such as pets, horses etc.

How it works

Harmless for humans and animals, nopixgo® simulates natural electromagnetic waves and fi elds, similar to atmospheric discharges during a thunderstorm. Mosquitoes perceive those signals as a threat and hide instead of biting.

The nopixgo®-Mosquito Bite Protection Wristband ensures protection from getting bitten within a radius of about two meters.

A thunderstorm’s atmospheric discharges generate electromagnetic waves and fields that mosquitoes can detect from a long distance away. As soon as mosquitoes detect the signs of a thunderstorm, they instinctively flee because to them, thunderstorms are life-threatening. The high-tech module of the nopixgo® simulates signals similar to the discharges of a thunderstorm, thereby providing protection inside a radius of about 2 metres.. When a mosquito flies towards the protection zone, its sensilla (sensory organs similar to hairs) transmit the environmental stimuli to the brain and it flees immediately as its survival instinct kicks in. If the mosquito is already inside the protection zone, it does not flee but nor does it bite. With its high-tech electronics, nopixgo® provides safe protection against mosquito bites and is harmless to humans and animals*.

* warmbloods such as pets, horses etc.
nopixgo® Mückenschutz - Mosquito Protection - anti-moustique - repellente della zanzara - antimosquitos - Bracelete contra picadas

The nopixgo®-wristband simulates natural electromagnetic waves and fields, similar to atmospheric discharges during athunderstorm

Worldwide Mosquito-protection

nopixgo® has already been successfully tested in many regions by customers and co-workers:

Areas where nopixgo® has been tested – updated June 14, 2017 with between 80 – 100% effectiveness

Test results from Ghana

“In April 2017 we tested the nopixgo®-wristband in Ghana (in Accra and in the rain forest of the Ashanti-region), during the rainy season, when the mosquitoes are very active. It works and gets the promised protection.”

Prof. Dr. Heinrich H. Strebel
Ghana Swiss Cocoa Company Ltd.
Accra und Zürich

Technical Specs

Weight and measurements

  • 15 g, 32 mm x 22,6 mm x 9,3 mm

  • High-tech electronics stop mosquitoes from biting.

  • Ø ~2 m

  • Splash Proof Micro USB Charging port
LED Displays

  • Blinking white: Protection active
  • Blinking red: Low charge
  • Blue light: Charging
Operating temperature

  • -20 °C to + 60 °C (surroundings)
Battery and Charging

  • Battery life: at least 48 hours
  • Charging time: approximately one hour
  • Integrated, rechargeable long-life lithium-ion
    battery with electronic protection
  • Can be charged via micro-USB, USB connection
    or via electrical socket
Water Protection

  • Splash Proof

  • Non-irritant skin-friendly synthetic material
  • Simple size adjustment through press stud
Content and packaging

  • nopixgo® wristband using Hi-tech patented electronics
  • Micro USB cable
  • Instructions
  • nopixgo® comes in a sturdy metal canister with recycled paper

100 % free of DEET chemicals.

  • The weak electromagnetic fi elds whichnare emitted by nopixgo® are harmless for humans and animals and are not subject to a SAR classifi cation
  • Approved by IEC and IECEE (IEC Nr. 16-EL-0331 SO1)
  • Content and packaging
  • nopixgo® wristband using Hi-tech patented electronics
    Micro USB cable
  • Instructions
  • nopixgo® comes in a sturdy metal canister with recycled paper
Swiss made

  • Developed and produced in Switzerland
  • 2 years warranty

Research and development

Right from the outset, it was clear to the inventor Kurt Stoll that a solution against mosquito bites that did not use medicines and hazardous chemicals would make more sense. Insecticides and medicines have been used in the fight against mosquitoes and vector-borne diseases for many years, but hundreds of thousands of people still die from the effects of insect bites every year. Since pathogens are becoming increasingly resistant to ordinary drugs, there is currently no prospect of these diseases being eradicated. Also, medicines often cause side-effects and pesticides kill not only mosquitoes but also have serious consequences for nature.


Kurt Stoll therefore set about researching mosquitoes not from a biologist’s or a physician’s point of view but from that of a physicist. He studied the evolutionary behaviour of the various mosquito species and found that atmospheric discharges put these two-winged creatures to flight. The inventor drew inspiration from nature and set about transforming these findings into technology. But what electromagnetic signals simulate thunderstorms in such a way that they are perceived by most mosquito species but are harmless to humans and animals?


Many tests followed, along with various adaptations to the electronics and the wristband. Experiments in Switzerland and in a very wide range of climate conditions led to today’s version of the nopixgo®. Kurt Stoll succeeded in coming up with an ingenious solution that causes no side-effects, is environmentally friendly and provides the best possible protection against mosquitoes.

The mosquito: The most dangerous animal of all

The female mosquito is the most dangerous animal on Earth. It is estimated that over 700,000 people per year die as a consequence of a mosquito bite. Mosquitoes transmit what are known as vector-borne diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever or West Nile fever.


Not all mosquitoes are the same

Buzzing tormentors, bloodsuckers, annoying critters – mosquitoes have a lot of nicknames and can differ from each other just as much. There are regional differences, but their external appearance and their preferences also vary from mosquito to mosquito. About 3000 different mosquito species have been counted worldwide. In tropical and subtropical countries in particular, vector-borne diseases can be an unpleasant reminder of your trip. Approximately 100 species can be found in Europe. However, many experts assume that mass movements of tourists and the increase in international trade also means an ever-increasing number of exotic mosquito species such as the Asian tiger mosquito finding their way to Europe.

nopixgo® Mückenschutzband - Mosquito Bite Protection Wristband - anti-moustique - repellente della zanzara - antimosquitos - Bracelete contra picadas de mosquito

A threat to people in Europe

People in Europe are threatened by diseases transmitted by vectors – both from the region’s own ticks and mosquitoes and from travelling to endemic areas throughout the world. Every year in the European region, some 77,000 people are taken ill with vector-borne diseases.


Vector-borne diseases

Diseases that are transmitted via vectors are known as vector-borne diseases. A vector is a living organism (e.g. a mosquito) that transmits pathogens from an infected animal to a human or another animal.


In the European Union, many vector-borne diseases are classed as emerging infectious diseases. This means that a disease has now occurred for the first time or has already occurred previously but its frequency (incidence) and geographical distribution is quickly increasing.


is a freely accessible, automated electronic information system for the visualisation of reports on global disease outbreaks based on geography, time and infectious disease.


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Mosquito Bite Protection Wristband


2 years warranty

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.200 g

About us

Nopixglobal AG of Switzerland is the exclusive licence holder for nopixgo® and for other products developed by inventor Kurt Stoll and Nobilab GmbH.

Nopixglobal AG is introducing the product onto Western markets one step at a time. By using more economical production methods, the aim is to achieve a high sales volume in order to enable the product to be distributed worldwide at the lowest possible price – particularly in regions where people are affected by vector-borne diseases.

nopixgo® was developed in Switzerland by Nobilab GmbH. Established Swiss partner firms such as WERAP and VONALLMEN produce the high-tech wristbands and guarantee top Swiss quality.

nopixgo® Mückenschutzband - Mosquito Bite Protection Wristband - anti-moustique - repellente della zanzara - antimosquitos - Bracelete contra picadas de mosquito


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