Swiss Hi-Tech Mosquito Bite Protection Wristband

NEW - The Ultimate Bite Protection 

Nopixgo® Mosquito Bite Protection Wristband

Reduces the risk of mosquito bites to a minimum.

The nopixgo® wristband is a revolutionary solution to minimize the risk of mosquito bites -  without any chemicals, odors and sounds, Efficient but harmless for humans, animals and your pet.

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free of harmful chemicals

Nopixgo ® provides you with protection without using any chemicals.


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whatever the weather

Sun, wind or rain do not affect the protective effect of the signal.

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no sound or smell

L ets you enjoy your time outdoors undisturbed. 


Hi-tech mosquito bite protection without chemicals.

Nopixgo® protects you reliably against mosquito bites.

Swiss innovation against mosquito bites

The hi-tech module of nopixgo® emits electromagnetic signals and waves that disturb the mosquitoes' biting behavior. The risk of getting bitten by mosquitoes is decreased dramatically within a range of 2 meters. The majority of mosquitoes show a passive behavior being exposed to the signal.

  •  protection radius of about 2 meters
  •  battery life of up to 5 days with only one charge via micro-USB
  •  universally adjustable skin-friendly wristband (circumference: 13.5cm to 22cm)
  •  low weight (15g) 
  • successfully tested worldwide
  • developed and manufactured in Switzerland

Simulation of natural environmental stimuli

The Biopulse technology, developed in Switzerland, emits weak electronic impulses that are perceived by mosquitoes via their sensilla (hair-like sensory organs) and processed in the mosquito brain (gangleon). An instinct rooted in the DNA leads to a behavioral change. Mosquitoes show a suppressed biting behavior or flee. Unlike chemical stimuli, the mosquito can not get used to these electronic stimuli, which stimulate a natural protective behavior.

  •  patented technology
  • harmless for humans and animals
  • <1% of the signal strength of a typical smartphone
  • IEC & IECEE tested (IEC No. 16-EL-0331 SO1), FCC certified 
  • CE & RoHS compliant

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Swiss Innovation

Since the use of chemicals has not been able to reduce the current mosquito pest and vector-based diseases such as Malaria or Zika and has significant risks to humans and nature, the Swiss inventor and researcher Kurt Stoll wanted to take a new path. He did not consider the mosquito from the point of view of a biologist but as a physicist.After many years of intensive research, he created an innovative approach to preventing mosquito bites.

Hi-Tech, No Chemicals

Nopixgo® is inspired by nature and is based on many years of studying the evolutionary behavior of different sorts of mosquitos. By emitating atmospheric discharges from thunderstorms, nopixgo® suppresses mosquito's hunger to bite without the use of chemicals. Mosquitoes are an important part of our ecosystem. The widespread chemical strikes pose a threat to biodiversity. Nopixgo® is neither harms mosquitos nor other animals.

Tests & Research

We successfully tested nopixgo® at the Swiss Tropical Institute Basel. However, laboratory results are not enough for us. That's why, we also tested in several countries and under different conditions. Although we received many positive results worldwide, there are 3000+ species of mosquitoes. Hence, we continue to further develop nopixgo® with the goal of achieving the highest possible protection for the largest possible number of mosquitos.

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I am impressed after the first practical test yesterday, fishing at the Reuss. They are buzzing all around me, but not a single bite! Otherwise, I am always immediately bitten by the beasts without Antibrumm... Great thing! Worth every penny!! 😎  

- Marcel R.  

I am owning nopixgo for three weeks now. I was always plagued by the mosquitos. It deserves a chance but I am always very sceptic. However, I had no bites even during the dusk at the lake. It had mosquitostestbut no bites👍🏻. I am amazed.

- bergkind.  

I bought one las year for a trip to Norway and have gotten an astonishingly little number of mosquito bites. 

I can only recommend it!

- Andy Z.  


Will I never get a mosquito bite again?

Not even the nopixgo® can guarantee a 100% protection against mosquito bites. Also chemical methods fail to do that. Mosquitos are animals and do not all respond in the exact same way. There are also over 3000 types of mosquitos, another factor that limits effectiveness. In most cases you will notice a clear effect and receive much fewer bites using the nopixgo® than without.


Is the signal harmful?

No. The signal is harmless for both humans and animals. The radiation is minimal. Compared to a modern Smart Phone, the signal from the nopixgo® is more than 180 times as weak. We follow the conservative EU and US guidelines and regulations and the nopixgo® has values far below any limits.


Why don't all mosquitos fly away?

The technology we use does not necessarily force mosquitoes to flee. The signal it affects the central nervous system of the mosquito and stimulates their instinct to seek shelter. This instinct supersedes the instinct to feed. In our tests you do see that some mosquitoes actually flee away. The mosquito cannot discern from where the signal comes and might even seek shelter on your body, ossibly even right next to the nopixgo®. We have even seen mosquitoes sit directly on the wristband, passively waiting for the storm to pass. We want to avoid mosquito bites, not mosquitos.


Does it help against ticks and other insects?

No. The nopixgo® is developed specifically for use against mosquito bites. We don't know enough about how other insects responds to thunderstorms since it has not been studied enough yet. In the field we have not been able to see any such effect. It's important to not expect our product to function with other insects. We are of course interested in finding solutions for ticks and other annoying insects.


How long does the battery last?

Up to 5 days. Extreme temperatures might reduce the time it holds a charge.


Why is there no on and off button?

This was an early design decision which simplifies the use and handling of the wristband and provides a steady protection. Future versions might add an on off function.


Is nopixgo® waterproof?

It's protected against rain and splashes of water. We do not recommend to use the wristband in water. If it has been in pool water make sure you rinse the USB connection with clean water.


Does it also fit children?

Yes. It is one size fits most and fits most children arms from about 6 years of age. It can easily be fastened on clothes or belts. 

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Environmentally friendly packaging 

Nopixgo® comes in a reusable sustainable metal box including Micro-USB charging cable and user manual.

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