We go a different path 

Swiss Innovation instead of nasty chemicals

Nopixgo® is a humanitarian project to relieve all people suffering from mosquito bites.      Our vision is provide a better protection against Malaria, Zika or Dengue fever without the negative side effects of chemicals.

The Inventor: Kurt Stoll

The innovative technology has been discovered and developed by Kurt Stoll, a Swiss electronics and high frequency scientist. Kurt Stoll was highly motivated to lower the pain of children suffering from Malaria. He aspired to develop a solution that is not only effective enough to prevent people from being bitten in the first place, but also safe for human health and the environment. As he did intensive research on mosquitoes from the point of view of a physicist – and not the one of a biologist – he succeeded to come up with a radically different approach. Conducting various tests together with mosquito experts of the University of Tübingen (Germany), he found out that mosquitoes are not only sensitive to chemical stimuli but also react to electromagnetical waves and signals.

A Global Problem

No shark, snake or spider – the mosquito is the world’s mosts dangerous animal. Its bite transfers diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Zika and others (so-called vector diseases). Every 45 seconds a child dies from Malaria alone. Treating the symptoms and providing medicine to cure the effects cannot be the only solution. We want to prevent people from being bitten in the first place. People living in so-called industrial or prosperous countries are by now threatened by the vector diseases, too – due to global warming.

From Science to the Market

Over the years, we experimented with different signals and developed various prototypes of devices with different levels of efficiency. Hundreds of tests have been carried out all over the world. Due to the general progress in this field over the last years – and more advanced high frequency technology and processor technology available on the market – a device could evolve that is ready for the market. The journey continues to further improve the technology and make it available to all people that suffer from mosquito bites.

More than 3000 Mosquito Species

From little dots to small hellicopters - mosquitoes exist in various forms with different characteristics. While nopixgo® is already reducing the risk of the bites of many popular mosquito species, we are continuously researching and improving nopixgo® to cover as many of them as possible.

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NopixGlobal AG, Switzerland

NopixGlobal AG, Switzerland is the woldwide exclusive license holder for the distribution of nopixgo® and other products developed by inventor Kurt Stoll and the Nobilab GmbH. We are introducing the product onto Western markets one step at a time. By using more economical production methods, the aim is to achieve a high sales volume in order to enable the product to be distributed worldwide at the lowest possible price – particularly in regions where people are affected by vector-borne diseases.

Development & Production

in Switzerland

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Hi-Tech Manufacturing

Nopixgo® is manufactured by Hi-tech production companies with a well-established reputation and experiece in the field of wearable and medical devices.

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Quality Control

We make sure our products fullfill high quality standards and verify them according to ISO norms.

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Laboratory Tests

We continue to increase the effectiveness of nopixgo® and carry out various tests with different mosquito species.


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