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"Nopixgo Launches On Kickstarter"


"Nopixgo is available to back now on KickStarter" 


"Who needs bug spray?" 


"Awesome Tech You Can't Buy Yet"


"Nopixgo has just launched on Kickstarter"


"Forget about bug spray and rolled-up newspapers!" 


  "Thunderstorm-simulating wearable" 


  "It’s a smart solution that protects users without the use of chemicals"  


 "Hi-Tech Mosquito Protection Made in Switzerland"   


    "Wristband scares off mosquitoes by mimicking a thunderstorm" 


  "The startup aiming to quell the world's deadliest animal"  


 Device aims to repel mosquitos by "bringing a thunderstorm to your wrist" 


"Nopixgo Launches On Kickstarter"


 "Mückenschutzarmband Nopixgo imitiert ein Gewitter" 


 "Deze armband claimt muggen te verjagen met onweerssignalen"  






"Risiko von Mückenstichen senken und Übertragung von Krankheiten entgegenwirken." 


"Amazing high-tech way science could take care of the mosquito problem"  


"nopixgo wearable jaagt muggen weg" 


Nopixgo 會模擬雷暴的電磁波 


"Браслет Nopixgo надежно защитит владельцев от москитов (ВИДЕО)" 


"Charge your Nopixgo with a micro USB once a week and you’re good to set foot outside" 


 "مچھر بھگانے والا دستی ’الیکٹرونک‘ کڑا" 


"Новости по тегу nopixgo" 


"Opaska udająca burzę nowym pomysłem na odstraszanie komarów" 


"Chemical-free Mosquito Bite Protection" 


 فيديو| “Nopixgo”جهاز يهدف إلى صد البعوض عن طريق “موجات كهرومغناطيسية” 


Браслет Nopixgo поможет отпугивать комаров 


"Nopixgo to opaska, która uwolni Was od ukąszeń komarów" 




"Nopixgo has just launched on Kickstarter" 


Looking for a smart way to scare off mosquitoes? 


Gelang Nopixgo Lindungi Anda Dari Nyamuk Dengan ‘Meniru Badai’ 




Nopixgo, Gelang High-Tech yang Melindungi Dari Nyamuk 


"Nopixgo Launches On Kickstarter"  


فيديو: جهاز Nopixgo يهدف إلى صد البعوض عن طريق موجات كهرومغناطيسية  


"the makers of the Nopixgo wristband have developed a wearable device which emits weak electromagnetic signals that convince mosquitoes that a storm is on the way."