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Does nopixgo® protect 100% ?

Not even the nopixgo® can guarantee a 100% protection against mosquito bites. Also chemical methods fail to do that. Mosquitos are animals and do not all respond in the exact same way. There are also over 3000 types of mosquitos, another factor that limits effectiveness. In most cases you will notice a clear effect and receive much fewer bites using the nopixgo® than without.


Does it help against ticks and other insects?

No. The nopixgo® is developed specifically for use against mosquito bites. We don't know enough about how other insects responds to thunderstorms since it has not been studied enough yet. In the field we have not been able to see any such effect. It's important to not expect our product to function with other insects. We are of course interested in finding solutions for ticks and other annoying insects. 


Why don't all mosquitoes fly away?

The technology we use does not necessarily force mosquitoes to flee. The signal it affects the central nervous system of the mosquito and stimulates their instinct to seek shelter. This instinct supersedes the instinct to feed. In our tests you do see that some mosquitoes actually flee away. The mosquito cannot discern from where the signal comes and might even seek shelter on your body, ossibly even right next to the nopixgo®. We have even seen mosquitoes sit directly on the wristband, passively waiting for the storm to pass. We want to avoid mosquito bites, not mosquitoes.


Is the signal harmful?

No. The signal is harmless for both humans and animals. The radiation is minimal. Compared to a modern Smart Phone, the signal from the nopixgo® is more than 180 times as weak. We follow the conservative EU and US guidelines and regulations and the nopixgo® has values far below any limits.

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